Controls and Motor Options

Screen Trigger Interface (STI)

The Stewart Filmscreen Screen Trigger Interface (STI) is a factory-installed triggering device that has been designed specifically for the Stewart ElectriScreen motors. A constant 3-12V DC trigger signal activates the STI to lower the screen. Termination of this signal will prompt the STI to retract the screen. Most modern video projectors have a 12V DC trigger output which is activated when the projector is switched on. Some projectors have a 5V trigger output. The Stewart STI input switching circuitry has been designed to function effectively with all the various trigger outputs from a multitude of projector types. Stewart Filmscreen also has an optional 12V DC wall transformer available that may be used to trigger the screen in the event that the video projector is not equipped with a trigger output. This transformer may be placed on a switched AC outlet or a simple on/off switch (relay) could be spliced into the output lead of the transformer to operate the screen. The supplied cable connection terminals are 3.5mm mono phone plugs. A small, red LED lights up when the STI is receiving the trigger signal. This LED goes off when the signal is terminated. A small, 2-conductor, 20-24 AWG, hookup cable is required to connect from the trigger source to the screen. Many technicians simply use one or two combined pairs from a CAT5/6 cable for this purpose. 

Power Options 115V / 220V

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