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Controls and Motor Options


The Binary Reciprocal intelligent Control System, nicknamed "The BRIC," is the industry's first microprocessor-based control device designed for precision setting of multiple masking presets, elimination of multiple controllers for a single screen, and eliminates the setup time required by existing analog controllers. Until now, programming electriscreen or electrimask settings were done at the factory either during production stages or by the installer (a very time consuming and expensive process). Programming consists of automating your screen or masking panels to be set to a standard size (16:9, 4:3, 1.85:1 or custom sizes). This estimated 4-8 hour down time for programming was the norm. Programming your screen settings are as simple as programming your DVD player. It can be done in 5-mintues once the screen is set up. BRIC also allows quick compatibility with a variety of control systems.

BRIC is the first digital motor control system with multiple connection systems for external interfaces (RS-232/RS-422) using CAT 5 connections, external Screen Trigger Interfaces using 18 gauge wire, and external IR and/or keypad interfaces using CAT 5 (or CAT 3) connections. Depending on your BRIC model, Stewart will supply a wall keypad and/or IR remote. Also connect to your BRIC system with any AMX/Crestron type controller or standard PC.


Power Options 115V / 220V

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