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Getting the very best has never been easier.

Stewart Filmscreen and its integration dealer network specialize in designing the perfect custom screen solution for your needs. After detailed study, Stewart engineers identified patterns and common needs for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. Stewart Standard Solutions offers custom quality in a convenient, easy-to-choose menu of preconfigured screen systems. To simplify the process of choosing your Stewart Filmscreen solution, we packaged the most typical screen systems as preset configurations. We’ve considered the projectors and room environments most commonly involved. We’ve done the homework and configured the ideal pairings to deliver the absolute best viewing experience.


The Stewart Standard Solutions menu offers a choice from our four most widely selected screen systems, including a fixed frame wallscreen, and three varieties of retractable electric screens.  Stewart’s expert staff has designed preset sizes and aspect ratios, making the selection process ever so easy. Choose the type of screen system you want for the project. Choose which of two award-winning screen materials is best suited for the room environment. Determine the size image you want. Imagine it. Done!

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