Specialty Venues and Theme Parks

Museum Exhibits, Specialty Theaters, Theme Park Rides & Attractions. We Welcome Your Design Challenges.

For seven decades, Stewart Filmscreen has been working in the specialty venue and theme park industry. We have had the honor of working with some of the world's most creative designers and have assisted with bringing their visions and design concepts to reality. With our many years of experience and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, Stewart can come up with the optical and mechanical design solutions for your particular project.

Partial Capabilities:

  • Completely seamless, front and rear projection, screen materials (up to 40 feet by 90 feet) manufactured in our own plants.
  • Ability to run custom screen gains and tints for specialized projection applications.
  • Passive and active 3-D experts.
  • Full line of specialized front and rear projection, specifically engineered for multiprojector, edge blending applications.
  • In-house metal shops allowing manufacture and fabrication of very complex screen/frame designs.
  • In-house glass and acrylic shop to apply optical rear and front projection coatings. We can also coat curved and complex shapes.
  • Factory supervision available for jobsite installation if required.


Please call or email us with your project requirements.

  • 360-Degree Circle Vision - Multiple Front Projection, Seamless Screens

    Location:  Munich, Germany

  • Pressurized, Flexible, Rear Projection, 10' Hemisphere Screen

  • NASCAR Museum

    Integrator: McCann Systems

  • Stewart Semi-Rigid, Edge-Blending Screen

    Integrator: McCann Systems

  • Screen Collage

    End User:  Center for Disease Control

  • Six-Foot, Rear Projection Globe

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