Simulation and Virtual Imaging


No matter what your display configuration is, Stewart has the solution.

Segmented Screens. Near-zero gap between adjacent images with both front and rear projection screens scenarios available in both rigid acrylic and flexible screen models.

Edge Blending Screens. Stewart manufactures both front and rear projection screens, optically engineered for edge blending applications, assuring a smooth and even image transition of overlapping projected areas. We can custom-build single-axis curved screens in both flexible or semi-rigid substrates. We also manufacture compound curved screens (partial domes) completely seamless, which can also be transportable.


  • F-16 Simulator Screens

    End User: Lockheed Martin

  • Seamless, Compound-Curved Screen

    End User:  Northrop Grumman-Newport News

    Location:  Ship Building

  • Rear Projection Screen

    ATC Tower

    End User: Indra Sistemas, S.A.

    Location:  Madrid, Spain

  • Level D Flight Simulation Screen for Collimated Optics

  • Completely Seamless, Compound-Curved Screen with GrayMatte 70, Edge Blending Surface

  • Five-Sided Cave

    Integrator:  Mechdyne Corpration

  • Semi-Rigid, Edge Blending, Front Projection, 3-D Screen

  • Large, Compound-Curved Screen's Plenum Construction

    Location:  Stewart’s Factory Yard; Torrance, CA

  • 5-Sided Cave

    End User:  Airbus

    Integrator:  VISCON-Germany

    Location:  Hamburg, Germany

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