Screen Materials Quick Reference Guide

CrystalView 70

CrystalView 70 is a rear projection material based on a combination of a proprietary, custom, neutral density formulation and Stewart's ultimate quality, diffusion technology. 

CrystalView 70 can add further value when it is furnished in a laminated safety glass product, which can be mounted closer to floors or doors, than ordinary glass. The safety glass nature of the product, if used with glass toward the viewer, is extremely robust and can be cleaned at will. CrystalView 70 can be mounted either way: with the low gloss diffusion surface toward the viewer, rejecting environmental reflections, or mounted with the glass surface toward the viewer, when reflectivity isn't a concern or traffic around the screen is high. Click Here to download spec sheet.

• High contrast, high resolution and superb black levels
• Highly functional in spaces with uncontrolled ambient light
• Can be configured to eliminate surface glare

Material Type
Maximum Size 126" x 236" @1/2"
Peak Gain 0.7
Half Gain 55 Degrees
Ambient Light Rejection Value 90%
Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
Minimum Throw Distance 0.8 x Image Width
Edge Blending Properties Good
Passive 3D use No
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Perforate N/A

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