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Screen Materials Quick Reference Guide

Graphite 100

Graphite 100 is an acrylic rear projection screen material formulated to combine a 30% neutral density gray acrylic substrate with an above unity gain and wide angle optical coating. 

Graphite 100 is a high resolution, unity gain screen with good off-axis performance and reasonable resistance to ambient light in the viewing area. Graphite 100 is best utilized with medium throw or longer projection light paths.

• Higher gain for low output projectors
• Excellent performance with moderate focal lengths
• Decreases chance of halo/ghosting effect
• Superior Backscatter rejection
• Identical gain and color matching for multiple screen applications

Material Type rigid_acrylic
Maximum Size 72" x 120" @ 1/4" & 3/8"
Peak Gain 1.0
Half Gain 44 Degrees
Ambient Light Rejection Value 90%
Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
Minimum Throw Distance 1.1 x image width
Edge Blending Properties Fair
Passive 3D use No
Lay Flat Quality Good
Flame Resistance No
Perforate N/A

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