Screen Materials Quick Reference Guide

Graphite 100

Graphite 100 is an acrylic, rear projection, screen material formulated to combine a 30% neutral density, gray acrylic substrate with an above unity gain and wide angle optical coating. 

Graphite 100 is a high resolution, unity gain screen with good off-axis performance and reasonable resistance to ambient light in the viewing area. Graphite 100 is best utilized with medium throw or longer projection light paths. Click Here to download spec sheet.

• Higher gain for low output projectors
• Excellent performance with moderate focal lengths
• Decreases chance of halo/ghosting effect
• Superior backscatter rejection
• Identical gain and color matching for multiple screen applications

Material Type
Maximum Size 72" x 120" @ 1/4" & 3/8"
Peak Gain 1.0
Half Gain 44 Degrees
Ambient Light Rejection Value 90%
Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
Minimum Throw Distance 1.1 x Image Width
Edge Blending Properties Fair
Passive 3D use No
Lay Flat Quality Good
Flame Resistance No
Perforate N/A

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