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Screen Materials Quick Reference Guide

AeroView 90

Aeroview 90 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated to provide excellent white field uniformity. 

Aeroview 90 is an iteration of the Aeroview family of products, straddling the functionality of Aeroview 70 and Aeroview 100.  Aeroview 90 offers slightly elevated gain as compared to Aeroview 70  but reduced blooming, and backscatter. Aeroview 90 offers a lower gain than Aeroview 100, but added viewing cone, via a 71 degree half gain, enough to improve edge blending. Aeroview 90 requires ambient light control, but provides an excellent compromise solution for many edge blended applications, where short throw lenses are unavoidable.  Many integrators prefer Aeroview 90 for very short throw single image installations, to minimize backscatter related issues.

Material Type flexible_rear_projection
Maximum Size 40' x 90' Seamless
Peak Gain 0.9
Half Gain 71 Degrees
Ambient Light Rejection Value 72%
Ambient Light Resistance Fair
Minimum Throw Distance 0.9 x image width
Edge Blending Properties Excellent
Passive 3D use N/A
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Perforate N/A

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