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Screen Materials Quick Reference Guide

Silver 5D®

Silver 5D (3D + 2D) is an innovative fabric that offers excellent performance in passive polarized 3D applications, while maintaining outstanding performance for 2D sources. 

Silver 5D is formulated as a highly functional polarization preserving surface for passive, linear or circular polarized stereoscopic reproduction.  Silver 5D has excellent performance in ratio of extinction, furnishing ghost free stereoscopic images. In addition, Silver 5D has sufficient viewing cone and uniformity to provide excellent performance as a high contrast screen for conventional digital 2D projection. Silver 5D has a category leading viewing cone, a half gain value above 30 degrees, greatly reduced hot spot artifacting and excellent color reproduction. Available in seamless sizes up to 40' x 90'. 



Material Type front_projection
Maximum Size 40' x 90' Seamless
Peak Gain 2.0
Half Gain 33 Degrees
Ambient Light Rejection Value 54%
Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
Minimum Throw Distance 1.6 x image width
Edge Blending Properties N/A
Passive 3D use Excellent
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Perforate Yes

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