Screen Materials Quick Reference Guide


The fine weave pattern of Harmony provides acoustic transparency for authentic audio reproduction and the visual performance benefits of a 4K screen surface.

For audio purists who want the most realistic soundstage when watching movies and concerts, Stewart Filmscreen offers Harmony. A woven fabric screen material, Harmony supports locating speakers directly behind the image with minimum attenuation and the greatest flexibility for placement.

An environment with controlled lighting is ideal for Harmony. With its 170-degree wide viewing cone, Harmony can work with virtually any seating arrangement. The surface’s flat spectral response curve assures that colors and skin tones will be lifelike and accurate. Harmony comes standard with an opaque black backing screen to eliminate potential interference due to light reflecting off the wall behind the screen.

The screen surface is designed for 4K+ visual resolution, making it ideal for all projectors and applications where acoustic transparency is desired. With a 0.80 gain, Harmony can be used with a range of projectors and room environments. Click Here to download spec sheet.


  •  Acoustically transparent
  •  4K+ visual resolution
  •  Highly accurate spectral response
  •  Extra wide viewing angle
  •  Excellent white field uniformity with short focal length
  •  ISF Certification
Material Type
Maximum Size 114" x 273-1/2"
Peak Gain 0.8
Half Gain 85 Degrees
Ambient Light Rejection Value 25%
Ambient Light Resistance N/A
Minimum Throw Distance N/A
Edge Blending Properties N/A
Passive 3D use No
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Perforate Woven

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