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Many Hollywood blockbusters are produced in formats such as Cinemascope where the movie is 2.35 times wider than it is high. When watching this aspect ratio on a 16:9 screen, 33% of the pixels are used to create annoying black bars, therefore reducing your image resolution.

Designed for use with an anamorphic lens, the CineCurve features a native 2.40:1 image area allowing full enjoyment and flexibility when watching movies in super-wide screen formats. Maintaining a constant vertical height, two electronically controlled masking panels glide in from the left and right to create the perfect image area when viewing different types of media or movies filmed in various aspect ratios.

The Slimline CineCurve is now applicable for smaller home theater rooms due to its newly re-designed housing that is 2” narrower on each side. Previously when measuring the installation of a CineCurve one would have to take in to account 18” for the housing plus the image width. The new Slimline CineCurve unit reduces the unit width to 14”+ image width. The size reduction of the housing unit means that customers can have an even larger image area in the space and that rooms that may not have been able to accommodate current model are now able to thanks to its new Slimline CineCurve design.


• Variable Aspect Ratio - Constant Height/Variable Width
• Native 2.40:1 aspect ratio
• Aluminum extrusion curved frame finished with VeLux™
• Electronically controlled side masking
• Snap fastening securely attaches screen to frame
• Choose from a variety of Stewart’s front projection screen materials
• Curvature reduces screen surface exposure to cross reflected and side wall sources of ambient light
• Heightens viewer’s sense of immersion
• Custom radius manufactured to optimize your application
• Complements projectors with anamorphic lenses
• BRIC - The Binary Reciprocal intelligent Control System (more information below)
• Patent Pending

CUSTOM OPTIONS: (available by factory quotation)
• Rear projection models
• Custom sizes and aspect ratios
• Acoustic perforation on front projection models
• Acoustically transparent masking panels

ADDITIONAL IMAGES: (click to enlarge)





Technical Drawing

Curved aluminum extrusion frame
Vertical masking panels
VeLux™ appliqué finish
Specialized snap-fastening system
Front projection material
Microperf X2
Acoustically transparent masking panels
Wall mount brackets
MOTORS (2 motors):
120 Volt
220 Volt
B.R.I.C. (Binary Reciprocal Intelligent Control)
*Includes IR remote and key pad
Image height + 12 (305)
Image width + 18 (457)
(VeLux™ adds .125 to frame o.d.)  
Minimum image size
40 x 96 (1016 x 2438)
Maximum image size
57.5 x 138 (1461 x 3505
Up to 108 wide
Up to 138 wide




• Stand-alone self-contained aspect ratio control system
• Easy plug and play with any HA control system
• Control up to 3 motors individually or as a group
• Quick set-up time
• Simple and easy programming

The Binary Reciprocal intelligent Control System, nicknamed "The BRIC," is the industry's first microprocessor-based control device designed for precision setting of multiple masking presets, elimination of multiple controllers for a single screen, and eliminates the setup time required by existing analog controllers.

Until now, programming electriscreen or electrimask settings were done at the factory either during production stages or by the installer (a very time consuming and expensive process). Programming consists of automating your screen or masking panels to be set to a standard size (16:9, 4:3, 1.85:1 or custom sizes). This estimated 4-8 hour down time for programming was the norm. Programming your screen settings are as simple as programming your DVD player. It can be done in 5-mintues once the screen is set up. BRIC also allows quick compatibility with a variety of control systems.

BRIC is the first digital motor control system with multiple connection systems for external interfaces (RS-232/RS-422) using CAT 5 connections, external Screen Trigger Interfaces using 18 gauge wire, and external IR and/or keypad interfaces using CAT 5 (or CAT 3) connections. Depending on your BRIC model, Stewart will supply a wall keypad and/or IR remote. Also connect to your BRIC system with any AMX/Crestron type controller or standard PC.




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