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• Electronically controlled retractable screen system
• 6” diameter roller tube with compact in-tube motor
• Housing consists of aluminum and fire retardant Sintra
• Matte-black painted finish
• Tab-Guy tensioning system ensures smooth surface and eliminates edge curl
• Choose from a variety of Stewart’s front projection materials
• Black-drop/overscan border above image*
• Matte-black overscan borders on sides and bottom
• Ceiling mount, recessed, or stage flown
• 3-button low voltage wall switch (LVC) controls screen
• Available in production sizes up to 14 feet high by 18 feet 3 inches wide (Material OD)

CUSTOM OPTIONS: (available by factory quotation)
• Custom sizes and aspect ratios
• Rear projection models
• Acoustic perforations on front projection models
• Custom housing colors
• Custom control options

* It is important to add only the amount of black drop needed. Side and bottom masking determined by the amount of black drop and image size.

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Product Hero Shot
Technical Drawing 12” black drop





Technical Drawing 9” black drop
Technical Drawing 6” black drop





Technical Drawing 3” black drop

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