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In many residential environments, particularly in large rooms, the use of rear projection imaging offers significant aesthetic and technical benefits. Unlike front projection systems, with rear projection designs, the projector and the light path are hidden from view behind the screen, creating a cleaner space, and elegant integration into the room décor. The isolated light path of rear projection also offers a higher degree of lighting flexibility in the viewing area.

Crystalview 70 is a rear projection material based on a combination of a proprietary custom neutral density formulation and Stewarts ultimate quality diffusion technology. Crystalview 70 can add further value when it is furnished in a laminated safety glass product, which can be mounted closer to floors or doors, than ordinary glass. The safety glass nature of the product, if used with glass toward the viewer, is extremely robust, and can be cleaned at will. Crystalview can be mounted either way, with the low gloss diffusion surface toward the viewer, rejecting environmental reflections, or mounted with the glass surface toward the viewer, when reflectivity isn't a concern or traffic around the screen is high.

Stewart's proprietary substrate and surface coupling process results in a screen which can function flawlessly in extremely high levels of ambient light. The isolated and controlled light path offered by a rear projection design, combined with the advanced attributes of the Crystalview surface, provides stunning contrast and deep black level performance in any conditions short of direct sunlight in the room.

Crystalview 70 has a generous viewing cone with a half gain of 57 degrees, a major benefit for rooms with large or combined seating area and viewers located off axis. The product’s exemplary performance in high ambient light makes Crystalview 70 an optimal choice for multiple purpose rooms like dens and great rooms.

Crystalview 70 is designed to function beautifully with short focal length lenses, requiring less depth in the projection area. The fact that the product is based on glass is a big plus in conforming with fire ratings. Unlike products based on plastic substrates, Crystalview 70 stays dimensionally stable and never warps or bows.

Stewart Filmscreen is your first call provider of rear projection screens and optimized mirror systems with integrated projector mounts. We stand ready to design and craft for you, an integrated solution for rear projection that will leave your clients or guests with the realization that "they never knew it could look this good".


• High contrast, high resolution and superb black levels
• Highly functional in spaces with uncontrolled ambient light
• Can be configured to eliminate surface glare

Material Type
glass or safety glass
Half Gain
57 degrees
Minimum Throw Distance
0.8 x image width
Ambient Light Front Reflectance Value
10% per foot candle
Ambient Light Resistance
superior performance in environments with ambient light
Flame Resistance
Size Limitations
9' x 17'



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