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FilmScreen 100 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated with a neutral density gray tint for enhanced contrast. FilmScreen 100 offers very wide viewing angles for a contrast enhanced material and can work much better than most contrast enhanced screens in short throw projection light paths. FilmScreen 100 is an excellent performer in rooms with some ambient light present, and will accommodate when there is a requirement for wide seating configuration.


- Neutral density gray for added contrast
- Excellent in environment where ambient light is present
- Wide viewing angle
- Anti hot-spotting formulation

Material Type Flexible Rear Screen
Gain 1.0
Half Gain 39 degrees
Minimum Throw Distance 1.3 x image width
Ambient Light Front Reflectance Value 15% per foot candle
Ambient Light Resistance Excellent performance in ambient light
Edge Blending Properties Not recommended
Passive 3D Use Fair
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Size Limitations 40' x 90' - Seamless
Screen Models Fixed, retractable, variable masking


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