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Rear Projection Flexible: Traverse 3D
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Traverse 3D is a flexible rear projection screen material optimized for rear projection of stereoscopic Passive 3D content. With a neutral density gray tint, the material provides enhanced contrast, delivering excellent performance in rooms where even high ambient light levels are a concern. The screen is appropriate for moderate viewing angles, and works with medium to long throw focal lengths. It is available in seamless sizes up to 40 feet by 90 feet. Traverse 3D also offers excellent performance with 2D content.


• Material Type: Flexible Rear Projection Diffusive Transmissive
• Material Color: Neutral Density Medium Gray
• Production Sizes Up To 40 Feet By 90 Feet
• Peak Gain: 1.6 (+ - 10%)
• Half Gain Viewing Angle: 25 Degrees
• Ambient Light Resistant
• High Ratio Of Extinction For Passive Or Active 3d
• Washable And Mildew Resistant
• Flame Retardant
• Available In Fixed Frame, Electric Roll Down, Or Laminated To Glass Or Acrylic
• Consult Factory For Max Laminated Size

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