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LED Enhancement Products

Finally, LED displays can now have Cinematic Qualities with FIDELEDY Vision by Stewart Filmscreen.

Features and Benefits:

Removes harsh electronic pixel structure and creates smooth film like cinematic look even at close viewing distances.
Completely removes moiré artifacts for television broadcast scenarios.  A "Must Have" in any studio environment.
Completely scalable in seamless sizes to 40 by 90 feet

Digital Signage and Architectural Applications

This innovative, custom-engineered solution was developed by the experts at Stewart Filmscreen to expand the potential uses for LED video wall modules in architectural and digital signage applications.

FIDELEDY Vision removes the distracting harsh pixelated appearance of the LED grid. It also transmits and refocuses the output from LED walls and offers an extremely wide viewing cone. FIDELEDY Vision also reduces the harsh intensity of the LED light output allowing modules to be used where the viewing audience is in close proximity to the displays. It also lends a film like quality to the LED screen and eliminates the need for a more expensive, tighter LED grid necessary for closer viewing distances, therefore lowering the overall cost of the LED wall itself.

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House of Worship Applications

FIDELEDY Vision allows LED direct view display systems to be used in broadcast scenarios without distracting moiré artifacts being introduced into the video mix. FIDELEDY Vision refocus the light grid and completely eliminates moiré; allowing broadcasters to utilize LED video walls and displays without imparting negative image artifacts. The result is gorgeous, uncompromisingly video with impressive image integrity and fidelity.

Stewart High-Performance Optical Quality

FIDELEDY Vision enhances the image quality for greater realism and viewer comfort, and a far superior experience compared with LED video wall installations. Delivering an extremely flat spectral response curve on and off axis, FIDELEDY Vision maintains color accuracy for the truest image. Furthermore, its low-gloss surface characteristics reject glare from adjacent surfaces to suit a wide range of lighting environments.

Completely Customizable

FIDELEDY Vision is designed to be custom-engineered for every application. Stewart Filmscreen engineers will work with clients, set designers, installers, and architects to design the framing and mounting systems to best suit the location, the type of LED modules, and the environment, in seamless sizes up to 40-feet x 90-feet.

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