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Torrance, CA and Orlando, FL (InfoComm) – June 16, 2009 - Stewart Filmscreen Corporation®, the industry leader in precision projection screen technologies for the commercial and residential markets, today announced the AcoustiShade, their first window treatment product designed to control noise and black out sunlight in commercial applications, providing a convenient and beautiful solution for systems integrators.

Stewart's exclusive AcoustiShade is the first window treatment that effectively controls both incoming light and distracting noise coming through windows. Complimenting Stewart’s existing line of Video Conference Screens and roller products, the AcoustiShade has been designed for any commercial or residential application where noise and sunlight control is necessary. Who better than Stewart in knowing the importance of achieving the perfect display experience? The AcoustiShade is just another way that Stewart can help achieve the best possible image in any environment, under any circumstance.

Window openings are typically a building’s weakest link for noise and light infiltration. Traditional shade systems offer no remedy for noise contamination. For this reason, Stewart’s acoustical window treatments are needed to reduce outside-to-inside noise contamination while also controlling even the slightest amount of outside light that can detract from presentations.

In response to these concerns, Stewart Filmscreen has engineered the unique AcoustiShade system that has two patents pending. The AcoustiShade is designed to both measurably reduce exterior noise entering the room as well as to trap unwanted sound inside the room due to the echo effect of sound bouncing back into the listening space from walls and windows.

The AcoustiShade is comprised of three main elements: a sound attenuating blackout layer that keeps light and exterior noise from entering the display area, a perforated decorative fabric that reduces resonance, and an air space with proven acoustical benefit.

And, unlike standard black-out-only shades typically available, Stewart’s Patent Pending Magnetic Blackout & Attenuation (MBAA) offers a unique single motor rolling baton system that ensures a tight seal between the shade and side channels preventing outside light and noise from coming through.

The AcoustiShade is engineered to be simple to install and easy to operate with Stewart Filmscreen’s Quick Stall mounting option that allows for the imperfections found in any finished window system. It is delivered fully pre-assembled allowing the installer to simply remove the shade system from its shipping container, place it into the window with out further adjustments, and make the necessary electrical connections. Once securely mounted and properly wired, the shade is immediately and fully operable.

The AcoustiShade provides a stylish, cost effective solution to soundproofing some of the most difficult parts of your room. The AcoustiShade is available in a variety of colors and virtually any custom size.

The AcoustiShade can be seen at Booth #4147 in Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center during InfoComm from June 17-19. The AcoustiShade is available now. Price is variable and dependent size and type of material used.


Source: Stewart Filmscreen Corporation

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