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Amsterdam, NL, January 30, 2007‚ Stewart Filmscreen Corporation (Booth F110) the industry leader in precision projection screens in the home cinema and commercial markets is proud to announce the introduction of several new CinemaScope (2.40:1) screens to the European market. Following on the heels of the extremely successful CineCurve constant vertical height 2.40:1 curved screen, Stewart has created three new screens to round out its 2.40:1 line: the Cine-V, Cine-W, and ElectraScope.

The Cine-V and the Cine-W are both curved 2.40:1 screens. The Cine-V has vertical masking panels, so you can easily mask the image from 2:40:1 to 1.78:1, depending on your source material. The Cine-W is a curved fixed screen with no masking capabilities for those who don't need added aspect ratio control.

Because these two screens are curved, they totally immerse viewers in the cinematic experience and allow them to connect emotionally with their source material, creating a dramatic and cinematic viewing experience. The concave shape of the Cine-V and Cine-W, unlike flat screens, focuses light coming from the image back toward the seating area, making the image appear brighter. The curvature also inherently limits the amount of light that is reflected onto the side walls that can, in turn, reflect back onto the screen and compromise image quality. With the Cine-V and Cine-W, viewing angles are improved because the distance from the screen's edges to the audience is the same as the distance from the center of the screen. Ideal for today's Cinemascope projectors with anamorphic lenses, Stewart's curved screens also eliminate pin-cushioning effects often caused by short focal length applications.

The ElectraScope is a 2.40:1 motorized in-ceiling projection screen that masks down to 1.78:1, giving you a degree of aspect ratio control. Amazingly, the 2.40:1 ElectraScope retracts into the ceiling when not in use, making it an excellent choice for use in multipurpose rooms. Only Stewart.Filmscreen offers a 2:40:1 in-ceiling masking screen.

"With the expansion of our CinemaScope screen line, we offer a 2.40:1 curved solution for everyone" says Joaquin Rivera, director of sales. Whether you need the ultimate in masking control, an in-ceiling unit or don't need any masking at all, we have a solution for you. Additionally, the image fidelity you will get from a Stewart Filmscreen is unequaled in the AV industry. We were the first to market with curved screens, and will continue to set the trends for the home theater industry with innovative products.

The Cine-V, Cine-W, and ElectraScope are all available in all of Stewart's award-winning screen materials, including the new Firehawk G3 1080p high-definition screen material and Microperf X2 THX Ultra certified acoustically transparent screen material, both of which are being shown at ISE. All masking screens can be ordered with acoustically transparent masking panels. With the addition of these three models to the already existing 2.40:1 screens in Stewart's line, including the CineCurve, Director's Choice, and CineMask, Stewart offers the most expansive CinemaScope projection lineup on the market.


About Stewart Filmscreen
Stewart Filmscreen is the world's premier projection-screen manufacturer for both the residential and commercial markets. A family-owned business, Stewart Filmscreen maintains the highest standards in screen design and craftsmanship. In fact, each screen is handmade. Founded in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen has grown from a small business to an international one, with offices in Denmark and Singapore, in addition to two in the United States, including a manufacturing facility in Ohio and their headquarters in So. California. More information on Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is available at www.stewartfilmscreen.com.

Source: Stewart Filmscreen Corporation

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