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The Stewart AllRise is the first and only automatic vertical screen that is capable of rear projection at jumbo sizes. The material size is available up to 15ft by 20ft, its unique arms move to the left and right of the image area when fully extended, leaving the projected light path clear. The AllRise is also available with any of our award winning front projection materials as well.

Designed in response to the demand for a large-scale electric screen capable of rear projection
that does not descend from above, Stewart Filmscreen engineered the AllRise, a jumbo-sized
automatic vertical electronically controlled projection screen. The AllRise is perfect for the
worship facilities market, where high cathedral ceilings, religious icons, and custom architecture
may require special mounting capabilities or for the screen to be hidden when not in use.
The AllRise is an excellent choice for any application where a large size rear or front projection
screen is desired.

The AllRise is equipped with Stewart’s exclusive Tab-Guy™ tensioning system designed to
ensure a smooth flat surface and prevent edge curl. Matte black over-scan borders provide for
a perfectly masked image area.

Stewart Filmscreen is synonymous for superior quality, custom craftsmanship, and excellent
customer service. Since every Stewart product is handcrafted, custom sizes & configurations
are easily accommodated. Contact your local Stewart Representative today and let us build one
for you!

Electronically Controlled Vertical Rising Screen System Included
Aluminum extrusion and Sintra housing (standard black finish) Included
Roller Tube with Insulated drive Included
Tab-Guy™ Tensioning System Included
Matte Black Over-Scan Border Included
Screen Material  
Front Projection Included
Rear Projection Optional
Microperf X2 or Cinemaperf Optional
Floor/Soffit (Includes Casters) Included
120 Volt or 220 Volt Included
Control system  
LVC (Low Voltage Control with 3-Button Switch) Optional


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