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Here are a few simple steps in placing your Stewart Filmscreen order:

Choose your product:
Do so carefully - the custom nature of the product becomes a factor here. With so many different gains and types of screens and the variety of mounting systems, some of the more “standard” products may not exactly fill your requirements.

Call the factory:
Feel free to call the factory weekdays from 6:30 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time) for courteous assistance.

Doing so before you place an order can save you time down the line. A highly trained sales associate will assist you with design questions, selecting the right product for the job, and giving you a price quote. Stewart sales personnel can also tell you the approximate weight of the item, the best methods of shipping, estimates of freight charges, and a lead time.

FAX in a Purchase Order (310) 326-6870: (Since Stewart screens are a custom product, we cannot accept telephone orders.)

The order should include:
A. Your business name and purchase order number.
B. The full billing and shipping addresses, including special instructions for individual attention.
C. The ship method. (Products are shipped F.O.B. Torrance, California or Amelia, Ohio depending on product type).
D. The requested ship date.
E. The part number(s), if any, with quantities and accurate prices (if there is no part number, then types and
descriptions must be included with the overall dimensions of the product).
F. Signature of the person(s) ordering.
G. Drop ship address must have a contact name and phone number.

Expedite the drawings:
Submittal will be sent to you upon receipt of your order. Respond to the drawings quickly. Orders are not processed until signed drawings are returned by fax to: (310) 326-6870. Your lead time begins when Stewart receives this confirmation.

Need help?
Call our toll free hotline to speak with a Sales Engineer, (800) 762-4999 Nationwide,
(310) 784-5300 internationally.


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