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StarCam is an integrated camera housing that enables videoconferencing with Stewart's StarGlas laminated rear projection screen system. It mounts the video camera in a clear glass port that is integrated into an inlaid black glass screen border that frames the projected image.

StarCam can be added to any new or installed 4:3 aspect ratio StarGlas screen. Retrofitting into existing installations can be done without disturbing the existing opening or millwork, maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the upgrade and converting the screen format from 4:3 to either of the current 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios.

Because the camera is mounted within a black inlay screen border, its visibility to meeting participants is significantly reduced, tending to make meeting participants less aware of its presence. The black border also improves image contrast and adds a new high-tech look to the screen.

The glass port mounting system provides an acoustic seal of the space behind the screen, ensuring that no sound transmission from the projection room and associated equipment makes it into the meeting environment.

StarCam is compatible with virtually any currently available videoconference camera. No external brackets are required for camera installation, as the camera housing integral threaded hardware mounts the camera without an additional bracket.

StarGlas made under U.S. Patent 7253953 by Stewart Filmscreen Corporation



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