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    Daily Dual is Stewart Filmscreen’s solution for post-production workspaces, screening rooms, multi-purpose conference and board rooms with a need for more than screen surface. The patent-pending Daily Dual makes two screen surfaces ready-available in the same frame, allowing operators to easily and instantly switch from one to the other.

Ideal for facilities needing to add silver screens to their work environments to take advantage of the increase in demand for 3D presentation, the Daily Dual allows existing rooms to be quickly and cost-effectively converted to dual 2D/3D screen functionality. Users can easily select the desired screen without any need for room conversion or additional setup time.

When in place, each surface appears as a beautifully matted permanently framed installation, but only one of the surfaces is fixed. The second surface is an electrically operated roller screen which descends into a shadow box mask. Thus, in a single screen assembly, a post house can combine a Silver 3D screen on the T&G frame, with a Studiotek 100 matte reference screen on the roller, thus enabling the room to seamlessly accommodate both active and passive 3D as well as 2D work while providing optimal, no compromise image quality for both formats.

The configuration allows postproduction operators to go back and forth from one surface to another at will, either at the touch of a button or a serial controller command, eliminating setup time and cross booking conflicts.

The Daily Dual is fully compatible with all Stewart screen material, allowing any surface to be used for either screen.



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