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    The Couture Collection is designed with the discriminating consumer in mind. Stewart Filmscreen forged a partnership with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the world's finest loose cut crystals manufactured by Swarovski, to create a signature product line, the new Couture Collection.

The first screen introduced within the Couture Collection features an elegant, sculpted fixed frame design accented with the world’s finest loose cut crystals by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Utilizing SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS guarantees that the highest level of quality, authenticity, integrity and prestige required by the consumer is achieved.

The Couture Collection creates a new exciting option combining glitz and glamour with perfect screen fidelity. Whether the projector is on or off, the Couture Collection is an attention grabber that will add beauty and cache to any room. The Couture Collection is available in a wide variety of color options to complement the décor of any space, whether the requirement is for front or for rear projection.

The Couture Collection frames can be used with any of Stewart Filmscreen's award-winning flexible screen materials, including both front projection and rear projection types. To create the finishing touch to the visual experience, Stewart's black VeLux trim comes standard with the frame and can be used to perfectly frame the video image within the inside edge of the frame. The Couture Collection frames are equipped with a new wall mounting system that includes levels and a simplified corner key design. Both traditional aperture mounts and specialty mounts are available. Stewart's "Z" bar quick mounting mechanism provides a rapid and secure install for this valuable screen.



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