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In architecture and design, it is not only about using the finest materials, it's also about the vision and artistry with which the designer combines resources to create a truly magnificent structure.

After several years of intensive research and lab trials, Stewart introduces StarGlas, a truly revolutionary rear projection screen of remarkable visual and structural properties. With this ground-breaking new family of products, the possibilities at the intersection of architecture and visual display technology are hugely expanded.

StarGlas is much more than just another projection screen. It can be used in a wide variety of settings for any conceivable application. Imagine displaying your key advertisements or company information on windows, glass stairways and even glass flooring.

Leading architects have identified StarGlas as a genuine building material because it qualifies as safety glass, which means it can be installed where this type of specially rated glass is specified in the building codes. This highly versatile and radical screen design allows for floor to ceiling video wall applications since StarGlas can be installed directly on the ground, whereas ordinary glass must be placed at least 18" (457mm) above the finished floor. StarGlas is also available in curved formats to match any custom building design. StarGlas is abrasion and stain resistant allowing astonishing installations that will be in direct contact with the public. It can even be installed outdoors without being affected by the elements.

Many large-scale AV installations consist of a system set-up where multiple projectors are used to create a seamless image across a wide surface area. In video wall type applications where edge-blending may be required, uniformity plays a critical role. StarGlas 100, specifically developed for edge-blending applications, offers excellent white field uniformity and eliminates any potential "hot-spotting". This screen option also provides for a wider angle of view, which allows it to work exceptionally well with multiple projectors.

  • Walk-About: The multi-layers of the Walk-About screen offer eyecatching imagery at the tips of your toes. Integrate this unique configuration of StarGlas into floors, stairways, and more. Walk-About applications are custom-engineered depending on the span, mounting, intended use, anticipated weight load, and structural needs that may be required.
  • Monolith: The Monolith can be utilized in displays where images are to be projected in portrait mode, where height is much greater than the width. StarGlas material is tri-laminated to ensure the stability and support of a glass screen being installed in this vertical position. The Monolith is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Bar-Top Projection: Bar-Top Projection is designed for use in locations with bar areas within the home. StarGlas can be made to fit within any size bar to provide a borderless image without logos or extrusive bezels. Our projection material is extremely durable, water resistant, and offers unsurpassed image quality compared to other under-glass displays systems.
  • StarPresence: Stewart's StarPresence offers a completely immersive telepresence experience. The soft horizontal curvature of this StarGlas screen creates an environment making videoconferencing more realistic than ever. This product allows members of a conference to feel as though remote participants are actually in the room.
  • StarCam: StarCam delivers the performance of StarGlas with the added benefit of a video camera port that is seamlessly integrated below the projected image area. This customized VC port is virtually indistinguishable when installed. Write-on capabilities are possible when ordered without the standard anti-reflective coating.


  • Production sizes up to 126˝ x 204˝ (3200 mm x 5182 mm)
  • Peak gain: 1.0 (+/- 10%)
  • Half gain viewing angle: 53"
  • Designed specifically for edge-blending applications
  • Abrasion and stain resistant
  • Blocks 100% of UV light
  • Qualifies as safety glass
  • Standard anti-reflective (AR) coating
  • Dry-Erase markers can be used without AR coating
For custom sizes and gains, please consult WebSA or your local Stewart representative.
Made under one or more of U.S. Patents 7,253,953 and 7,417,794

Material Type Glass Rigid Rear Screen
Gain 1.0
Half Gain 53 degrees
Minimum Throw Distance 1.0 x image width
Ambient Light Front Reflectance Value 27% per foot candle
Ambient Light Resistance Controlled lighting is recommended
Edge Blending Properties Good
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Size Limitations 10.5' x 17'
Screen Models Rigid frames and multi-masking systems

    For custom sizes, please consult WebSA online or the Stewart representative
in your area. Find your local representative at



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