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LumiPlex 130 is an acrylic rear projection screen material used in many rear projection business applications. LumiPlex 130 is designed for single projector displays requiring large size, above unity gain performance, and wide viewing angles. LumiPlex 130 is ideal for data, video, film, and PowerPoint presentations where ambient light is controllable. LumiPlex 130 is best used with moderate and longer projection light paths.

• Identical gain and color matching for multiple screen applications

Material Type Acrylic Rigid Rear Screen
Gain 1.3
Half Gain 42 degrees
Minimum Throw Distance 1.3 x image width
Ambient Light Front Reflectance Value 25% per foot candle
Ambient Light Resistance Controlled lighting is required
Lay Flat Quality Fair
Flame Resistance No
Size Limitations 9' x 25'
Screen Models Rigid frames, MVP and multi-masking systems



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