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CrystalView 70


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CrystalView 70 is a rear projection screen designed to excel in environments where ambient light is difficult to control. The screen has a deep neutral gray tone when not in use, which is attractive and adds a note of quality in the venue. The surface hue is engineered to assist in preserving contrast in projected images.

Venues such as boardrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, worship and broadcast sets, benefit greatly from the advanced feature set of this product.

CrystalView 70 offers a non glare finish positioned toward the viewer via an advanced optical coating on an engineered tinted glass substrate.

The glass substrate offers excellent dimensional integrity compared to acrylic rear projection screens.

CrystalView 70 has a nominal gain performance factor of 0.7 and furnishes a 57 degree half gain value which accommodates wide seating arrangements. The screen also works beautifully with short throw projectors.

Though not exclusively optimized for edge blend displays, this product can be used in that capacity within some design constraints and in conjunction with longer focal length projection light paths.

CrystalView can be produced in ¼" thickness up to 120 inches in overall width. Larger screens are fabricated as laminated Class II Safety Glass and are available in ½" thickness, in sizes up to 110" X 204".

• High contrast, high resolution, and superb black levels
• Highly desirable for spaces with uncontrolled ambient light
• Matte surface, virtually eliminates glare
• Extra-wide viewing angle
• Excellent white field uniformity with short focal length projectors

Material Type
glass with optional safety glass
Half Gain
57 degrees
Minimum Throw Distance
0.8 x image distance
Ambient Light Front Reflectance Value
10% per foot-candle
Ambient Light Resistance
superior performance in environments with ambient light
Lay Flat Quality
Flame Resistance
Size Limitations
9’2” x 17’0”



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