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UltraMatte 130 is a flexible front projection screen material that is formulated for high output broadcast quality projection systems. The UltraMatte 130 is over 30% brighter than matte-white screen surfaces, producing images with the strictest color fidelity and white field uniformity standards. Ultramatte 130 is available in the largest seamless sizes available in the industry.

• Over 30% brighter than matte-white screen surfaces
• Extremely smooth and flat surface for better focusing capabilities
• Superb color and white field uniformity
• Superior performance in locations where ambient light can be controlled
• Excellent for use in large-scale applications

Material Type Flexible Front Projection
Gain 1.3
Half Gain 68 degrees
Ambient Front Reflectance Value 82% per foot candle
Ambient Light Resistance Controlled lighting is recommended
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Opaque Backing Available upon request
Optional Sound Perforations MicroPerf X2 or CinemaPerf
Size Limitations 40' x 90' - Seamless
Screen Models Fixed, retractable, variable masking


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