Commercial AV

From the most basic to the most complex AV project, Stewart has a full line of appropriate, optically-engineered, screen materials; screen framing; and motorized, retractable screens to meet your needs. From the smallest rooms to the largest venues, we are solution oriented. At Stewart Filmscreen, our company culture and design philosophy is all about maximizing Image Fidelity. Just like the loudspeakers are the very last component in the chain of your audio system and ultimately delivers sound to your ears, the projector screen is the last component in your visual system and delivers the final image to your eyes. Stewart front and rear projection screen materials are individually optically engineered for specific applications and a multitude of different room environments. Our precision-engineered screens are completely scalable to almost any size (up to 40 feet by 90 feet) without image artifacts and never a distracting seam.

Choose from our typical solutions

Sound Perforations for Front Projection Screens

Perforation Option

Acoustically transparent options.

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Control Systems for Retractable Screens

Control System

See our list of available control options.

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Mirror Systems for Rear Projection

Mirror System

See our mirror system options.

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