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Front Projection Zero Gap Display for Simulation

The Wraparound Screen Wall features a orderless viewing surface which is ideal for front projection multi segmented screen imaging displays. All screen frames are tied together with custom factory bracketing machined to your specified screen segment angles.  This design assures only a hairline seam between adjacent images. Units can be freestanding or designed for aperture wall mounting.


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The WrapAround Screenwall features  a frameless viewing surface. Flexible front screen material literally wraps around the aluminum frame and is easly secured to the backside with Stewart's hidden snap fastening system. The WrapAound Screenwall is perfect for many custom architectual design. By providing a frameless viewing surface, unique single and multiple image viewing environments are achieved. 

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Front Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
GrayMatte 70 0.7 Full Lambertian Diffuser Gray

GrayMatte 70 is a flexible, front projection, screen material formulated for use in front projection, edge-blending applications.

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