Large Curved Wallscreen (Model AT-1.5) for Postproduction

Stewart's Model AT-1.5 frame series with sizes up to 15' H x 32' W o.d.


  • Aluminum tube frame
  • Standard, mitered corners
  • 5" VeLux™ border (available without border upon request)
  • Factory-installed, bungee cord lacing system
  • Available with all of Stewart's flexible screen materials
  • Wall mount, stage fly (hanging) mount, or aperture mount

Available Options (available by factory quotation):

  • Curved frame to your radius specification 
  • AT1.5M rounded corners with 5" mask
  • ATM1.5 mitered corners no mask
  • ATM1.5M mitered corners with 5" mask
  • ATM1.5CM mitered curved with 5" mask
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Model AT-1.5 frames are made with seamless aluminum tubing, heliarc welds, shock (stretch) cords, and S-Hooks to secure the screen edges through grommets. The frame assembles in minutes with factory-provided, slip joint corners. Each system is designed and built to your individual specification and need. Model AT frames are custom engineered to meet your design needs. Available in either a 2" or 3" tube frame for draping or masking on the jobsite. Factory-applied perimeter masking is available to conceal screen lacing and grommets and give a turn-key finished look. The image width can be curved to a specified radius. When designing a large fixed frame system, please consider the following options: flat or curved screen (frame can be curved to any radius), frame perimeter with or without black masking, wraparound or standard material design (screen fabric can be wrapped around frame perimeter pipe).

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Front Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
SnoMatte 100 1.0 Full Lambertian Diffuser White

SnoMatte 100 is a flexible, front projection, matte-white screen formulated to meet the strictest color and white field uniformity standards.

UltraMatte 130 1.3 80 Degrees White

UltraMatte 130 is a flexible, front projection, screen material that is formulated for high output broadcast quality projection systems. 

UltraMatte 150 1.5 61 Degrees White

UltraMatte 150 is a flexible, front projection, screen material that is formulated for use in large format applications or when a projector limitation requires a little more punch. 

Silver 3D 3.0 27 Degrees 3D

Silver 3D is a specialty fabric designed to optimize stereoscopic, two-channel, 3-D displays. The fabric employs special metallic elements, formulated to preserve light polarization. 

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