P5000 Quick-Stall Frame System for Worship

The Quick-Stall Frame System allows for easy installations of rigid, rear screen material by eliminating the need for a finished trim.


  • Allows for easy installation of rigid materials
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • 3” exposed frame surface
  • Covers unfinished molding with a built-in 5/8” trim flange   
  • Beveled edge (45 degree) bringing the image closer to the audience
  • Designed to be inset into a wall or cabinet

Available Options (available by factory quotation):

  • Create a professional atmosphere with Stewart’s optional VeLux™ appliqué
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The Quick-Stall frame covers unfinished edges with a built-in 5/8" trim. Create a professional atmosphere by applying Stewart’s optional VeLux appliqué.

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
CrystalView 70 0.7 55 Degrees Dark-Gray

CrystalView 70 is a rear projection material based on a combination of a proprietary, custom, neutral density formulation and Stewart's ultimate quality, diffusion technology. 


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