P5000 Quick-Stall Frame System for Worship

The Quick-Stall Frame System allows for easy installations of rigid, rear projection, screen material by eliminating the need for a finished trim.


  • Allows for easy installation of rigid materials
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • 3” exposed frame surface
  • Covers unfinished molding with a built-in 5/8” trim flange   
  • Beveled edge (45 degree) bringing the image closer to the audience
  • Designed to be inset into a wall or cabinet
  • Freestanding systems also available

Available Options (available by factory quotation):

  • Create a professional atmosphere with Stewart’s optional VeLux™ appliqué
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The Quick-Stall Frame System covers unfinished edges with a built-in 5/8" trim. Create a professional atmosphere by applying Stewart’s optional VeLux™ appliqué.

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
Graphite 70 0.7 48 Degrees Dark-Gray

Graphite 70 is an acrylic, rear projection screen, excellent in custom applications with short projection light paths.  Graphite 70 can reduce ghosting tendencies without increasing bloom. 

Graphite 100 1.0 44 Degrees Dark-Gray

Graphite 100 is an acrylic, rear projection, screen material formulated to combine a 30% neutral density, gray acrylic substrate with an above unity gain and wide angle optical coating. 


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