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Model ABB for Worship

Stewart Filmscreen’s Large Venue ElectriScreen models are custom engineered for applications that require large-scale, on-demand video projection displays



  • 6” diameter roller tube with compact in-tube motor
  • Proprietary Tab-Guy tensioning system ensures smooth surface and eliminates edge curl
  • Available in 110V and 240V models
  • Electronically controlled retractable screen system (can integrate with virtually any home or room automation system)
  • Screen housing is available in matte-black or white finish, or custom to match project décor.
  • Available with all Stewart's flexible materials (except Silver 3D)
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The Model ABB is a large venue ElectriScreen system that electronically deploys a Stewart Filmscreen with an image size in the 12’ wide to 16’ wide range. The range of available sizes is determined by overall material usage, not image size. The largest typical size in the ABB range includes a generous amount of black drop.  However, any requirement for additional black drop would require a move into the Model BB range, which has a stressed roller tube and more powerful motor to support the added material. Therefore, anticipate a significant jump in price once you pass the threshold from ABB to BB.

Like all Stewart ElectriScreens, the Model ABB can be configured with all of Stewart’s flexible front and rear projection materials (with the exception of Silver 3D), and has control options allowing for integration into virtually any room automation system.  Proprietary technology results in the best performing, most durable screens on the market. Find a Typical that closely matches your image size and black drop requirements, and then further customize along size, black drop and mounting parameters to perfectly fit your requiremenemts. 

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Front Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
GrayMatte 70 0.7 Full lambertian diffuser Gray

GrayMatte 70 is a flexible front projection screen material formulated for use in front projection edge-blending applications.

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
FilmScreen 100 1.0 39 Degrees Gray

FilmScreen 100 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated with a neutral density gray tint for enhanced contrast. FilmScreen 100 offers very wide viewing angles for a contrast enhanced material and works well in short throw projection light paths.

Control Power Options Description
Low Voltage Control w/ Wall Switch (LVC) 115V / 220V

Low voltage screen control (includes optional wall switch) will allow for switching conductors to be run in Class II (small wire, exposed, no conduit), and will interface with most outboard video switching systems.

Control Power Options Description
High Voltage Wall Switch 115V / 220V

This is your basic three position latched high voltage toggle wall switch.

IRR-K 115V / 220V

This is the IR kit that plugs into a standard SF Low Voltage Controller.

Infrared Remote (IRR) 115V / 220V

The IRR is an Infrared Low Voltage Control (LVC). System includes modular, plug in infrared (IR) sensor and hand held transmitter. 

Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) 115V / 220V

The Intelligent Motor Control IMC-100 is a state of the art AC motor control for projection screens and masking panels. Its small size allows easy mounting in electrical junction boxes and tight locations.

Multi Option Screen Trigger (MOST) 115V / 220V

Add on screen trigger controller for the LVC or IRR. When combined with a Low Voltage Control, the user will achieve automatic selective switching between projector, wall switch, IR transmitter, or any other 3rd party integrated system controller that is connected to the switch input of the LVC.

Video Interface Control System (VICS) 115V / 220V

VICS is a external verion of the STI. It interfaces with the triggering outputs from projectors, receivers, or other 3rd party control systems. 

Wireless Remote Control (WRC) 115V / 220V

This kit uses radio frequency (RF) signals to control an external receiver that is connected to the screen's motor leads and plugs directly into a standard AC outlet. Up, down, and stop functions.

Standard Controls

Optional Controls

Typical Configurations

1.78:1 ABB165HB-12-6-8 81" X 144" Download Download
ABB179HB-12-6-8 87.75" X 156" Download Download
ABB193HB-12-6-9 94.25" X 168" Download Download
ABB206HB-12-6-9 94.25" X 168" Download Download
ABB220HB-54-6-15 108" X 192" Download Download
1.60:1 ABB170DB-12-6-8 90" X 144" Download Download
ABB184DB-12-6-9 97.5" X 156" Download Download
ABB198DB-12-6-10 105" X 168" Download Download
ABB212DB-12-6-10 112.5" X 180" Download Download
ABB226DB-42-6-15 120" X 192" Download Download

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