P1500 Frame System for Education

The P1500 Frame System is a medium-duty frame that accommodates rigid screens up to 7’-6” H x 10’ W o.d.


  • A medium-duty frame that accommodates rigid screens up to 7'-6" H x 10' W o.d.
  • Requires a wall opening 3-1/2" larger (in height & width) over the image size
  • Extruded aluminum
  • Available in clear (silver in color) or dark bronze (black in color) finishes
  • Designed to be inset into a wall or cabinet
  • Freestanding systems also available
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With the P1500 Frame System, choose from a variety of award-winning screen materials. Stewart rigid frames are designed to fit the unique requirements of any type of installation. Most systems are packaged as one complete unit (depending on size & installation). Large-sized frames are shipped with predrilled components and hardware ready for assembly onsite.

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
CrystalView 70 0.7 55 Degrees Dark-Gray

CrystalView 70 is a rear projection material based on a combination of a proprietary, custom, neutral density formulation and Stewart's ultimate quality, diffusion technology. 

AeroGlas 100 1.0 63 Degrees Off-White

AeroGlas 100 is a glass, rear projection, screen material formulated to provide excellent white field uniformity. AeroGlas 100 performs well in environments where ambient light can be controlled and is appropriate for wider viewing angles.  

LumiGlas 130 1.3 42 Degrees Off-White

LumiGlas 130 is a glass, rear projection, screen material formulated for larger scale, single projector installations. LumiGlas 130 is used in many business applications and is ideal for data, video, film, and power point presentations where ambient light is controllable. It provides a wide viewing angle for wide seating plans. Click Here to download spec sheet.


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