Balón Borderless™ for Education

A contemporary design creates a “floating” image, fixed frame, borderless screen system that can be integrated into any wall space.


  • For use with most of Stewart Filmscreen's award-winning, front projection, screen materials
  • Available in custom aspect ratios, and image sizes up to 12' x 16'
  • Beveled frame creates a sleek, edgeless appearance
  • EZ Mount Bracket or Telescoping Wall Mount System for wall mounting


  • Microperf X2 THX-Ultra
  • Cinemaperf
  • LED Light Kit
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Created to meet the high demands of sophisticated architectural applications, Balón Borderless™ is a fixed frame borderless screen system. The custom beveled frame structure allows the material snaps to disappear behind the screen system creating a unique “floating” image appearance. Also, the EZ Mount Bracket and Telescoping Wall Mount system streamline installation and ensure a consistently level image. 

Providing latitude in interior design, the Borderless screen appears to float in mid-air and is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any presentation environment.  By eliminating the distraction of a black border around the screen viewing surface, the focus is on the image and not the screen.

As in all Stewart Filmscreen products, there are options abound. These options include acoustically transparent materials where the sound emanates from the direction of the image adding another level of reality to the experience. Also, an optional LED light kit can be added to provide bias or mood lighting, while still rendering an elegant, minimalist aesthetic. Finally, available with virtually all of Stewart Filmscreen’s award-winning, projection materials allow the designer to tailor the screen performance to the needs of the environment. 

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Front Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
FireHawk® 1.1 35 Degrees Gray

FireHawk, in its fourth generation, is a flexible, front projection, screen surface engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology in applications involving the presence of ambient light. 

GrayMatte 70 0.7 Full Lambertian Diffuser Gray

GrayMatte 70 is a flexible, front projection, screen material formulated for use in front projection, edge blending applications.

Phantom™ HALR™ 1.0 30 Degrees Black

A flexible, front projection, high ambient light rejection, screen material, Phantom HALR offers excellent ambient light rejection capabilities that deliver an exceptional entertainment experience, day or night.

StudioTek™ 100 1.0 Full Lambertian Diffuser White

StudioTek 100 is a flexible, front projection, matte-white screen formulated to meet the strictest color and white field uniformity standards. 

StudioTek™ 130 G3 1.3 80 Degrees White

StudioTek 130 G3 is a flexible, front projection, screen material that is formulated to provide optimized white field uniformity unmatched by competing gain screens. 

UltraMatte 130 1.3 80 Degrees White

UltraMatte 130 is a flexible, front projection, screen material that is formulated for high output broadcast quality projection systems. 

UltraMatte 150 1.5 61 Degrees White

UltraMatte 150 is a flexible, front projection, screen material that is formulated for use in large format applications or when a projector limitation requires a little more punch. 

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