Wedge Frame System for Commercial AV

The Wedge Frame System is designed to hold acrylic screen substrates from behind the image plane, making the seam near invisible when viewed from the front.  The Wedge frame is designed to have a zero gap between projected images when used in a multi-screen, segmented wall scenario. This framing system also allows a borderless screen architectural look when desired.


  • Available for use with any of Stewart's rigid, rear projection, acrylic screen materials
  • Great for use in video wall applications
  • Extruded, prime aluminum to 6061-T6 specifications with black-anodized finish minimizes light reflection
  • Exceptionally clean-cut edges are CNC machine cut to the tightest industry standards
  • An array of fine-grooved ridges act as a light trap for overscan, the best method to absorb unwanted stray light
  • Division between screens is 0.020” of specialized plastic ribbon allowing projected light to pass through and blend
  • High-quality bonding for extreme durability
  • Modular design to allow individual replacements if the need should arise
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The Wedge Frame System is designed to hold specially modified acrylic or flexible screen materials from behind the image plane, making the system invisible when viewed from the front. This system will work with both optical and diffusion type screens' surfaces. The Wedge frame is intended to be sold as a complete screen and frame assembly and may be used for joining multiple screens together for video wall applications. The shape of the wedge frame tapers to a knife-edge where it joins the edge of the material to remain out of the projected light path, allowing individual screen elements to be united to form a larger display without apparent divisions or gaps.The Wedge frame design has a thin, transparent, yet strong, plastic ribbon bonded to the screen's edge allowing the projected light transmitted through each screen to meet and blend flawlessly. It also appears invisible even when viewed at close distances.

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
AeroPlex 90 0.9 71 Degrees Off-White

AeroPlex 90 is an acrylic, rear projection, screen material formulated to provide excellent white field uniformity. AeroPlex 90 performs well in environments where ambient light can be controlled. AeroPlex 90 is appropriate for extremely wide viewing angles and is ideally suited to extremely short throw projection light paths. Click Here to download spec sheet.

AeroPlex 100 1.0 63 Degrees Off-White

AeroPlex 100 is an acrylic, rear projection, screen material formulated to provide excellent white field uniformity. 

Graphite 70 0.7 48 Degrees Dark-Gray

Graphite 70 is an acrylic, rear projection screen, excellent in custom applications with short projection light paths.  Graphite 70 can reduce ghosting tendencies without increasing bloom. 

Graphite 100 1.0 44 Degrees Dark-Gray

Graphite 100 is an acrylic, rear projection, screen material formulated to combine a 30% neutral density, gray acrylic substrate with an above unity gain and wide angle optical coating. 

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