Stewart Filmscreen Launches Phantom™ High Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at CEDIA


Stewart Filmscreen Launches Phantom™ High Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at CEDIA

See what happens when dark meets light, as next generation 16K+ HDR-ready screen technology arrives to deliver an exceptional experience in any environment, day or night

TORRANCE, CA & DALLAS, TEXAS (September 7, 2016) — Stewart Filmscreen®—The only two-time Academy Award® winning manufacturer of projection screens and projection screen materials for the audio-visual industry—will unveil its Phantom™ HALR™ high ambient light rejecting projection screen material, a completely new and highly differentiated product that embodies The Next Generation of high-performance screen technologies, in CEDIA booth #4108 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, September 15 – 17. A flexible front projection material ideally suited for fixed-frame wall screen or electric roller screen applications, Phantom HALR ensures an exceptional entertainment experience, day or night.

Introducing Phantom: Versatile, Flexible, and Sizable


With Phantom HALR black screen technology, the sum is greater than its parts. In fact, four unique features put this new screen in a class of its own. Phantom is available is seamless sizes up to 40- feet by 90-feet to accommodate the largest, most demanding applications. It is highly versatile, designed for use with most of Stewart’s fixed frame or ElectriScreen models. Phantom is also available in Cinemaperf or Microperf X2 THX Ultra configurations for acoustic transparency, and it is future-proof, thanks to Stewart’s proprietary 16K+ resolution capabilities. Delivering unrivaled results, Phantom HALR is UHD and HDR-ready, and will calibrate out to REC 2020 or REC 709 standards without obvious color aberrations or shift that skew the primary and secondary colors. Implementing vertically integrated and proprietary manufacturing processes, Stewart Filmscreen has a distinct marketplace advantage in that the company has complete control over every aspect of material production—from chemical composition to final product delivery—ensuring a pristine surface worthy of accolades, every time.

The Whitest Whites, Blackest Blacks, and Brightest Colors

Stewart Filmscreen’s Phantom also leads the competitive pack in terms of technical capabilities. Test results reveal that Phantom HALR delivers over 30:1 contrast for a 2,000 lumen light output projector in a room with 20 foot-candles of ambient light and several sources of light hitting the screen surface at 40-degree angles. In high ambient light conditions with over 50 foot-candles of ambient light directly on the screen, Phantom achieves ANSI standard industry contrast ratio standards.

Featuring a category-leading L* value of 57 and ambient light reflectance value of 18 percent, Phantom is uniquely designed to deliver the brightest images, truest colors, whitest whites, and blackest blacks in any environment, to ultimately outperform every other screen on the market.  

Neutral in both horizontal and vertical direction thanks to a proprietary multi-layer composition, Phantom HALR has no directional limitation. Because Phantom uniformly rejects ambient light across the full screen width and height, there is no “sweet spot axis.” Meaning, every seat in the house is the best, whether you’re sitting directly in front of the screen or off-center.

“The new Stewart Filmscreen Phantom™ HALR™ black screen represents a unique and highly differentiated offering for the residential and custom installation marketplaces. It has been a long time coming but we believe the industry will find it was well worth the wait,” says Stewart Filmscreen President and CEO Shannon Townley. “Phantom fills a distinct gap in the marketplace, offering integrators and technology professionals the best of all worlds; a large, high ambient light rejecting screen that can be configured as either a fixed frame or roller screen model up to 40-feet x 90-feet in size, that can also be perforated for acoustic transparency, and suitable for the most demanding audiences and environments. That killer combination—and it is indeed killer—hasn’t been available in the projection screen category until now. Phantom HALR is a very exciting product that’s being launched at the perfect time.”

“Phantom’s performance is truly more than the sum of its parts. The overall performance and image uniformity and fidelity along with the ease of designing it into difficult lighting environments makes all the difference,” adds Alan Brawn, CTS, ISF, ISF-C, principal of Brawn Consulting, an audio visual consulting, training, educational development, and market intelligence company. “Projected images will be completely believable with content on screen looking as it should. As UHD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) become more pervasive and 4K becomes commonplace with 8K and yes, even 16K on the roadmap, the quality and accuracy that Stewart Filmscreen provides will be more important than ever.” Brawn expands upon the technology behind ALR screens to be featured in a technical paper to be published soon on Stewart Filmscreen’s Blog, The Screen Matters.


Enhancing the Experience at CEDIA 2016

A strategic addition to the Stewart Filmscreen lineup, Phantom HALR will be actively demonstrated during CEDIA, paired with a 4K Barco Prometheus II projector complemented by custom-designed LEON speakers selected to showcase the screen’s exemplary capabilities. The hybrid LEON speaker system created for CEDIA comprises the company’s PrUltima and Aaros speakers in a single cabinet and a hybrid subwoofer modeled off the company’s A3 1W sub. Offering a frequency response from 35Hz to 20kHz, the LEON Performance Hybrid PrUltima will add ambience and aural energy to the Phantom demo and Stewart Filmscreen booth.

Meet the Next Generation

The Next Generation embodies new people, products, technologies, and innovations that Stewart Filmscreen will define, develop, deliver and promote as the company approaches its 70-year anniversary.

“Early on, the Stewart Filmscreen product development team made a promise to keep the faith with our customers in providing breakthrough technology. For this enhanced black screen design, we promised not to come to market until we had something significant that was worthy of attention, that will truly honor the Stewart image fidelity commitment. We are pleased to say, job done!” says Townley. “This highly differentiated 16K+ HDR-ready material is a significant advancement and it perfectly embodies the Next Generation of Stewart Filmscreen offerings. We invite CEDIA attendees to visit our booth [4108], meet Phantom, and discover why the screen matters more now than ever before.”

CEDIA attendees are invited to see Phantom, meet The Next Generation, and enjoy a free beverage during Stewart Filmscreen’s Phantom launch party in booth 4108 on Thursday, September 15th from 2:30 to 4:30pm CDT.

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Why This News Is Important: All ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens are not the same. Unrivaled in high ambient light environments and available in sizes up to 40-feet by 90-feet, Stewart Filmscreen’s new Phantom high ambient light rejecting (HALR) black screen can be configured for both roller and fixed installations. Acoustically transparent Cinemaperf™ and Stewart-exclusive Microperf X2 THX Ultra™ options and future-proof 16K+ resolution provide both unrivaled value and differentiation.

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