Stewart Filmscreen® CineCurve® Curved Projection Screen Celebrates 10 Years of High-Performance Home Cinema



Stewart Filmscreen® CineCurve® Curved Projection Screen Celebrates 10 Years of High-Performance Home Cinema

Stewart pays homage to the curved screen that became the standard for the best in home theater and paved the way for future curved displays

TORRANCE, CA & DALLAS, TX —(CEDIA Expo Booth #3710)—Oct. 8, 2015— Stewart Filmscreen®—Academy Award® winning manufacturer of custom engineered projector screens, screen materials, and specialty optical coatings—will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its CineCurve projection screen at this year’s CEDIA Expo, October 14–17 in Dallas. CineCurve—a curved screen with a constant height motorized masking system—was the first of its kind, introduced at CEDIA Expo 2005, and quickly became the standard for top-performance home cinema.

CineCurve provides ideal viewing options for both widescreen and HD content without black bars. It also enhances super-wide content by completely immersing the viewer in the cinematic experience, allowing them to connect emotionally with the onscreen content or source material.

Designed for use in conjunction with an anamorphic lens, CineCurve features a native 2.40:1 image area that allows for full enjoyment and superior flexibility when watching movies in super-widescreen formats. Maintaining a constant vertical height, two electronically controlled masking panels glide in from the left and right to create the exact image area dictated by the source content.

CineCurve’s concave shape focuses light coming from the image back toward the seating area, making the image appear even brighter. The curvature also inherently reduces light scatter by limiting the amount of light that is reflected onto the walls, floor and ceiling that, in turn, reflects back onto the screen and compromises image quality. This legendary projection screen system delivers the added benefit of improving viewing angles because the distance from the screen’s edges to the audience is the same as the distance from the center of the screen. If that’s not enough, CineCurve rectifies the ‘pincushion effect’ introduced by anamorphic lenses.

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