Stewart Filmscreen® Acoustically Transparent Screens Celebrate 40 Years as the Industry Standard



Stewart Filmscreen® Acoustically Transparent Screens Celebrate 40 Years as the Industry Standard

From its original MicroPerf screens to its new Tela™ 80 woven acoustically transparent material, Stewart Filmscreen® is the company integrators call on for screens that perform impeccably, both acoustically and optically

TORRANCE, CA & DALLAS, TX (CEDIA Expo, Booth #3710)– Oct. 12, 2015 Stewart Filmscreen®—Academy Award® winning manufacturer of high-performance projector screens, projector screen material, and specialty optical coatings—celebrates 40 years as the screen manufacturer of choice when it comes to designing and manufacturing screens that perform to top standards, from both audio and video perspectives.

Tela 80—Stewart Filmscreen’s new woven acoustically transparent screen material—will make its debut in booth #3710 during CEDIA Expo 2015, being held October 14–17 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas. Stewart Filmscreen acoustically transparent screens will also be used for demonstrations in the Barco (#1310), Triad Speakers (High Performance Audio Rooms, Sound Room 5), Quantum Media Systems (#1300), and James Loudspeaker (#2805) booths.   

“When image fidelity and acoustical integrity are equally important, Stewart Filmscreen delivers. No other projection screen manufacturer offers more acoustically transparent screen material options, more customization, better performance, or the massive, seamless sizes that Stewart Filmscreen does,” says Grant Stewart, CEO and President of Stewart Filmscreen. “That’s why you’ll see so many well-respected brands at CEDIA Expo using our acoustically transparent screens for their demos. Our legacy in this area goes back 40+ years, when we invented our now industry standard MicroPerf process, allowing integrators to add MicroPerf options to nearly any screen material in our lineup. Where other manufacturers offer limited acoustic screen options, we give the integrator more flexibility to deliver the best-performing screen for any environment.”

Acoustically Transparent Options Abound

Stewart Filmscreen’s MicroPerf process can be applied to all of the company’s screen materials (except for Silver 3D)—this is a significant differentiating factor. Acoustic Transparency enables integrators to put speakers behind the screen and align the action onscreen with the audio for more accurate sound reproduction. MicroPerf is the industry’s only THX Ultra2-certified screen material, and has more than 30,000 micro-perforations per square foot, compared with 5,500 in a commercial movie theater screen. In addition, the perforations are much smaller, which is ideal for home cinema acoustics. The screen material retains exceptional contrast, color saturation, and uniformity, and Stewart’s proprietary manufacturing processes and optical coatings eliminates Moiré patterns. For large-scale projects, Stewart Filmscreen CinemaPerf is the largest seamless acoustically transparent screen material available.

Tela 80, Stewart Filmscreen’s new woven acoustically transparent screen is the new kid on the block, but is quickly becoming the screen of choice for installations where woven screen fabrics are desired. Tela 80 is one of the few ISF-certified woven screens available, designed for audio and video purists who want the most realistic soundstage when watching movies and concerts. Tela 80 supports locating speakers directly behind the image with minimum attenuation and the greatest flexibility for placement. With its 81-degree wide viewing cone, Tela 80 can work with virtually any seating arrangement. The surface’s flat spectral response curve assures that colors and skin tones are lifelike and accurate. Like all woven screens, Tela 80 comes standard with an opaque black backing screen to eliminate possible interference from light reflection behind the screen. The screen surface is completely uniform, resists hot-spotting, and works extremely well with short throw projectors. With a 0.82 gain, Tela 80 can be used with a range of projector light engines and output ratings.

In addition to Stewart Filmscreen’s venerated acoustically transparent screens, attendees of CEDIA 2015 are invited to see Stewart Filmscreen’s robust lineup of new projection screen solutions on display in booth #3710.

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